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    Society of Women Engineers

    Board of Directors

    SWE Leadership is the backbone of our diverse, thriving organization.

    SWE Leadership is the backbone of our diverse, thriving organization. These dedicated leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, technological disciplines and industries to share their expertise and guidance, and most importantly, their passion to uphold the Society’s mission.

    President Elect
    Director of Diversity and Inclusion
    Speaker of the Senate
    Collegiate Director
    Executive Director & CEO

    Governing Structure

    Past Society Presidents

    Fifty-five presidents and countless milestones later, SWE's presidents have each played a vital role in our history. Click on the links below to meet these pioneers and thought leaders.

    The Past Presidents section was started by Patricia L. Brown, President of SWE, 1961-63.

    SWE Presidents 1950 to 1968
    1st 1950-52 Dr. Beatrice Hicks (deceased)
    2nd 1952-53 Lillian Murad (deceased)
    3rd 1953-55 Katharine Stinson (deceased)
    4th 1955-56 Dr. Lois Graham
    5th 1956-58 Miriam Gerla (deceased)
    6th 1958-61 Catherine Eiden (deceased)
    7th 1961-63 Patricia Brown
    8th 1963-64 Aileen Cavanagh (deceased)
    9th 1964-66 Dr. Isabelle French
    10th 1966-68 Alice Martin (deceased)
    SWE Presidents 1968 to 1983
    11th 1968-70 Lydia Pickup (deceased)
    12th 1970-74 Olive Salembier (deceased)
    13th 1972-74 Naomi McAfee
    14th 1974-76 Carolyn Phillips
    15th 1976-78 Lt. Col. Arminta Harness (deceased)
    16th 1978-79 Paula Loring (now Simon)
    17th 1979-80 Ada Pressman (deceased)
    18th 1980-81 Sharon Loeffler
    19th 1981-82 Dr. Helen Grenga (deceased)
    20th 1982-83 Evelyn Murray
    SWE Presidents 1983 to 1993
    21st 1983-84 Barbara Wollmershauser, P.E.
    22nd 1984-85 Sharon Lindquist-Skelley
    23rd 1985-86 Susan Whatley
    24th 1986-87 Bette A. Krenzer (deceased)
    25th 1987-88 Kathleen Harer, P.E.
    26th 1988-89 Suzanne Jenniches
    27th 1989-90 Glynis Hinschberger
    28th 1990-91 Margaret Hickel
    29th 1991-92 Jill Tietjen, P.E.
    30th 1992-93 Anna Salguero
    SWE Presidents 1993 - 2003
    31st 1993-94 Kathryn Cunningham (deceased)
    32nd 1994-95 Jaclyn Spear
    33rd 1995-96 Ruthann Omer, P.E.
    34th 1996-97 Margaret Layne, P.E.
    35th 1997-98 Gloria Montano
    36th 1998-99 Roberta Banaszak Gleiter
    37th 1999-2000 Sherita T. Ceasar
    38th 2000-2001 Gail G. Mattson, P.E.
    39th 2001-2002 Shelley A.M. Wolff, P.E.
    40th 2002-2003 Rachel A.B. McQuillen, P.E.
    SWE Presidents 2003 - present
    41st 2003-2004 Alma U. Martinez Fallon
    42nd 2004-2005 Violettee V. Brown
    43rd 2005-2006 Ronna F. Robertson
    44th 2006-2007 Jude A. Garzolini
    45th 2007-2008 Michelle Tortolani
    46th 2008-2009 Virginia Counts, P.E.
    47th 2009-2010 Nora Lin
    48th 2010-2011 Siddika Demir
    49th 2011-2012 Melissa Tata
    50th 2012-2013 Alyse Stofer
    51st 2013-2014 Stacey DelVecchio
    52nd 2014-2015 Elizabeth Bierman
    53rd 2015-2016 Colleen Layman
    54th 2016-2017 Jessica Rannow
    55th 2017-2018 Jonna Gerken
    56th 2018-2019 Penny Wirsing

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