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    Society of Women Engineers

    Finance Committee

    Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee advises the Board of Directors and senate on budget and financial matters, provides financial input on the development of the Society’s long term strategic plan, and assists in preparation of the proposed three-year rolling operating and conference budgets. The committee reviews the monthly financial statements of the Society, maintains the Finance Manual so all treasurers have a set of basic information to follow, and provides training and support to section/MAL treasurers on financial matters such as IRS forms and safeguarding funds.


    Finance Templates


    What is the difference between an affiliate and a section?

    • See SWE's requirements for a section vs. affiliate, here
    • Sections are able to fund raise and hold funds as a subordinate of SWE's Tax Exempt Policy and are required to file annual financial reports and with the IRS as appropriate.
    • Affiliates are not allowed to fund raise or hold funds and do not need to file annual financial reports or with the IRS.
    • All global groups are required to be affiliates at this point

    What deadlines do treasurers need to be aware of?

    • SWE Financial Report Due July 30th (Required of all Sections regardless of IRS Filing)
    • IRS Filing Due Nov. 15th (Required of Sections that have an EIN, not for Collegiate Sections covered by their University's EIN)

    How do I find my EIN for filing with the IRS?

    • All Professional Sections have their own EIN. Collegiate Sections can either have their own EIN (for financial accounts outside the university), or could be covered under their University/College EIN (for financial accounts run by their university/college).
    • Included in you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr Section's information in SWE's Directory or search the IRS Database 

    Links to IRS Federal requirements and forms.

    Contact finance-chair中国福利彩票下载安装αpp@ for all questions/comments pertaining to the Finance Committee.

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